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e-Business impacts every dimension of an enterprise, from reaching customers over the Internet, through changing the way the internal operations run, to enabling new business models with suppliers and other external affiliates. The extension of e-business beyond the boundaries of the enterprise demands open, flexible, scalable solutions that integrate heterogeneous computing platforms to address the spectrum of e-business needs.

The major challenge facing corporations today is to identify the right technology partner to architect, design, develop, implement, and deploy critical new e-business applications in record time.
Saahi Systems - Providing Real Time e-business Solutions.
Saahi Systems, understands and addresses the challenge of delivering scalable, interoperable, and reliable, cutting edge solutions in e-business.
Saahi's capabilities are reflected in its experience and expertise, gained over 100 engineering years of architecting and executing e-business solutions.
Saahi's E-Business Practice:
Has accumulated e-business experience of over 100 engineering years.
Has over 50 trained software engineers.
Has a world class Emerging Technologies Laboratory, which functions as a sandbox-testing center for integrating the various components of e-business solutions.
Has Practice Managers to champion foundation technologies such as J2EE, Microsoft and enabling technologies such as XML.
Is a Preferred Global Vendor for e-business solutions for a Fortune 500 companies.
Key Capabilities
Saahi's e-business capability spans:
Application development for :
Business to Business solutions.
Custom Applications using Java and Microsoft technologies.
Workplace portals.
CRM solutions.
Web enablement of legacy solutions
Typical enterprise-wide applications developed by Saahi are:
Supplier Extranets, Auctions, Reverse Auctions
Enterprise Information Portals
Intranets, B2C, C2C applications and portal development
Profiling and Personalization

Saahi Systems - Your E-Business Solutions Provider
Are scalable and reliable .
Are tightly integrated and standards compliant.
Are Rapidly delivered.
Have a low cost of ownership.
Companies that have chosen Saahi have discovered a reliable, one-stop-shop for e-business solutions delivered in the shortest possible time.
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