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Saahi Systems key focus areas include the following business processes as part of its ITES/BPO services with a clear understanding on the client’s business needs and critical factors that affect their bottom-line.

The Company has got separate team highly qualified people in Data Digitization and data processing. We have involved in data processing for an US based Telecom Company in extracting the data from the Tapes and flat files and exporting into the Database and generating the Business reports form the exported data.

Business Process
Based on the specific requirements of the clients, we design and implement solutions at our centers in India or on client’s site. Empowered with domain knowledge expertise, IT back ground of the company and promoters experience in technology and finance management over three decades, we are committed to deliver services to the clients on time with quality compliance as paramount importance. We strongly believe that this approach would certainly cut down the costs for the clients while they concentrate on their core business areas.
Data Digitization
Our data digitization solutions include the following services:
Data extraction from paper/image
On-line data entry to the client’s system on the backend
Status reports and access to data thru web
Table verification/validations
Restricting entry duplication
Check digit routines
XML/HTML entry and programming
Rate of accuracy exceeding 99.5% (field level)
High Volume document scanning with de-skewing and de-speckling
Data/data format conversion
Acrobat PDF conversion
Word processing
The company’s longstanding commitment in providing full spectrum software solutions to clients globally and the promoters three decades of vast experience in technology and finance management areas.

The availability of high skilled, English speaking educated workforce at low cost will reduce the costs for the outsourcing clients significantly.

The domain expertise & knowledge management in providing solutions to banking, finance/accounts, insurance and retail business sectors supported by well experienced domain and technical specialists.

Well-established and proven quality management practices.

Customer centric approach and cost effective solutions.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and high speed communication lines ensuring smooth and effective service delivery.
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