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Saahi Systems aims to provide cost effective, cutting-edge technology solutions for every business activity thereby laying the first step towards Automated office. Saahi Systems core competencies also lie in software consulting and on-site/off-shore development activities. We specialize in:

Custom Web Applications
Creative Web Design
E-Commerce Development
Custom Software Development
NetKey / Turnkey Solutions
Web Hosting
At Saahi Systems, we specialize in component design and development. We are capable of taking your project from conception to completion. Our reputation as cost effective solution providers leaves you free to focus on more pressing issues, while we take care of the details of on-time/on-budget delivery. When it comes to the bottom line our competitive rates make your choice clear.

If you would like more information about services you can e-mail us to services@saahisystems.com

Custom Web Applications
Finding someone to implement your unique jobs and custom applications can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We have experience in these custom applications, and are flexible enough to take on tasks that do not fit into most design companies' business models. If you have unique hardware requirements, or a system related task that is a little out of the ordinary, let us know and we will work with you to satisfy your requirements and develop innovative solutions. We have been through it many times and can do your job in a timely manner with solid results.

Contact us for a quote or to discuss your needs, and we can provide a list of reference jobs and custom applications that we have developed. We will work to satisfy you.
Creative Web Design
Saahi systems is dedicated to the creative side of web design - graphics, typography, writing and new ideas. Our team of Web Designers and programmers will take you step-by-step through the entire process of designing and programming your website. Our project managers are also marketing professionals that can help you make the right decisions on the look and feel and focus of your website. Saahi systems graphic artists, photographers, and marketing professionals can create a professional look for your company, or we can match one that you already have. In this world of constantly evolving technology you need a partner that can keep up with the trends of the Internet world so that your web site can help your business grow and prosper.
E-Commerce Development
With e-commerce you add another distribution channel for your product or service. This distribution channel works around the clock, all over the world. Saahi systems provide the technology and expertise to build e-commerce solutions. We cover all the bases. From security and data warehousing to the integration of your customer database, we have the know-how to help your company make money online.
Custom Software Development
While the marketplace is full of packaged software for businesses, there often is a need for an application that is specific to your industry or business. Our team of software developers will work with your staff to create software designed specifically for your business. Saahi Systems has developed industry specific, custom software solutions for a wide range of clients. Our mission is to provide support through each phase of the software development and implementation process. With reasonable fees and step-by-step support for your staff during implementation, we offer a worry free solution to your custom software development needs.
NetKey / Turnkey Solutions
Saahi Systems provide NetKey/Turnkey Solutions. Saahi Systems Limited is authorized partner of SeePoint Technologies, USA. TouchWays is a division of Object Technology Solutions, Inc., an US based Global IT professional services and e-solutions organization with offices and representatives in the US, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and India. TouchWays Technologies provide NetKey solutions that meet the requirements of various market sectors for information access or transactions. Each application is customized for the specific requirements of our clients.

Consumers find it easy to use and efficient to access product information, pricing, availability or simply conduct a transaction without the hassle of waiting in line or finding an individual to request this information. By using this technology, consumer would save time and money. Companies and government departments would increase market share and improve the quality of service provided.
Web Hosting
A Reliable Place to Host Your Website!

We offer web hosting solutions on Linux, NT/Windows 2000 platform on our powerful servers located in the US. The combination of service options, powerful servers, and reliability and price helps us remain extremely competitive.

We have partnered with industry leaders for hosting the websites such as www.allabanza.com, www.indianserver.net.

Our matchless features:

24 x 7 Monitoring
Our entire set-up is monitored continuously for network connectivity, Server health, URL response and more. And we follow stringent policies to ensure that you have a problem free site running.
24 Hour Support
We give you 24-hour technical and hosting support with pre-defined guarantees for issues such as up-time and problem resolution.
Each machine in our set-up is accessible to other machines on a network thereby increasing reliability through redundancy. Under our customized backup program we even backup your data on a daily basis.
Security Details
Our infrastructure is protected through the world's number one firewall system so that your critical data remains completely secure.
Website Promotion Details
When you come to us as your hosting services partner we give you a choice of website promotion schemes - submissions to search engines, optimising your website, tracking visitors to your website and more.
We ensure that your sites are maintained smoothly, changes and troubleshooting are prompt and any special requirements are comfortably handled.
We have dedicated Servers in with multiple and redundant, one-hop , to the Internet backbone. It also means that your mission critical applications get the benefits of 24X7 monitoring for network performance, packet loss, etc.,
You can choose a basic package that matches your initial requirements and then add on more features and services when you need them.
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