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Our philosophy, our international presence, our infrastructure and our commitment make it possible for us to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the challenges of business and government institutions as they leap towards the e-globalization of information and data management. Saahi offers resources and solutions to meet a variety of information requirements whether it's ERP, Customized Business Applications, Database Administration, Management and/or comprehensive web based Project Management and Application Development.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Captivate your audience with a website that comes alive with the latest Internet technology. The Internet is based on image. We help you portray the right image to your potential customers: professional, cutting-edge, and up-to-date. We focus on providing dynamic websites that capture your audience to ensure that they remain attentive and receptive to your message. Our unique and top-notch designs make it easy for you to create the impressive Internet presence you need.

Powerful E-Commerce System

Showcase your products online with our powerful e-commerce builder. Categorize your products into unlimited categories and subcategories for an organized e-commerce site. Feature products that are on sale or showcase a new line of products in a special section. We have options for those who would like to accept orders online as well as for those who don't. Web eStore E-Commerce is customizable from the product catalog, payment processing options, to custom shipping options!
We have everything you need to expand your business on the .NET

Reducing costs is important to you, we can help.

Our platforms can address many different applications, enabling you to reuse development effort and reduce inventory.

Predictive cost modeling, lifecycle management and long-term support help you manage cost of ownership.

Our Application-Enabling Platforms provide a choice of integration points enabling you to balance commercial-off-the-shelf products and in-house development to optimize your costs.
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